Love is in the air

February is on the other side of the weekend and the Valentine’s Day parties are starting to line up their DJ’s. In preparation for the gig I am playing, I started thinking of some of my fave Karaoke love songs. Some have been in my personal singer queue; others have been nailed by performers who actually know how to sing. Either way, these hold some great memories for me.

love her
Angela and I. 13 years and going strong.

1. You’re The One That I Want – Olivia Newton John and John Travolta-September 9, 2004: My special lady friend and I sang this one together at Don Savino’s in Waldorf, Maryland at the Karaoke Show of my DJ mentor, Johnny Damba. Proposed to her after the song with a cigar band and the rest is history.

2. The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra – Always been a personal favorite and ended up being the song I started singing my daughter, Maggie, to sleep with. Have a video of her singing it at around two years old that I am not allowed to share on social media. ( I might have broken that promise. Don’t tell her.)


3. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond – Warm touching warm- nothing makes more sense than that, right? Everyone knows exactly when to chime in with “So good, so good, so good.” Three fist pumps with the Bahmp, bahmp, bah and my adrenaline is surging. My son, Sammy wrote a reflection in his Language Arts class about his most embarrassing moment when I danced to this tune at the supermarket. Don’t worry, buddy, therapy co-pays are usually pretty reasonable.

4. A Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley – We are a karaoke family. My oldest son, Wes, used to sing this one at get togethers starting around the age of 6. The suggestive nature of the tune made it an absolute riot. Okay, so we are not the model parents but we sure ain’t boring.

5. On The Verge – Collin Ray – This one came out in 1995 and it has some of the greatest imagery of  a love at first site encounter. Very catchy two-steppable tune that takes you along on their journey when the “Jukebox turns to a Rainbow”

What are your favorites? Comment below!

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